Schrijver/redacteur Titel
  Inside Mad
  Like, Mad
  The Mad frontier
BERG, Dave Dave Berg looks at people
FOREST, Jean-Claude Barbarella
GOREY, Edward Dancing cats and Neglected murderesses
HART, Johnny BC Big wheel
  BC Cave in
  BC Life is a seventy-five cent paperback
  BC Right on
  BC Truckin on down
HART, Johnny and Brant Parker Frammin at the Jim-Jam frippin in the Krotz
  Long live the king
  The peasants are revolting
  The wondrous wizard of Id
  There's a fly in my swill
  We've got to stop meeting like this!
MARTIN, Don Don Martin Bounces back
  Don Martin Drops 13 stories
  The completely MAD Don Martin
  The mad adventures of Captain Klutz
O'DONOGHUE, Michael and Frank Springer The adventures of Phoebe Zeit-geist
SCHULZ, Charles M. "Ha ha, Herman", Charlie Brown
  Charlie Brown and Snoopy
  Good grief, Charlie Brown
  Good ol' Charlie Brown
  Good ol' Snoopy
  Here's to you, Charlie Brown
  It's for you, Snoopy
  Let's face it, Charlie Brown
  Peanuts for everybody
  Peanuts treasury
  Snoopy and the Red Baron
  Take it easy, Charlie Brown
  The Snoopy festival
  The unsinkable Charlie Brown
  This is your life, Charlie Brown
  You're my hero, Charlie Brown
  You're something else, Charlie Brown
  You're you, Charlie Brown
  You've got to be you, Snoopy