Schrijver/redacteur Titel
ABBOTT, Jeff Trust me
ABRAHAMS, Peter Lights out
ADAMS, Richard The girl in a swing
ALLBEURY, Ted Shadow of shadows
AMBLER, Eric The mask of Dimitros
  The Schirmer inheritance
ASIMOV, Isaac A whiff of death
  Authorised murder
BAGLEY, Desmond Running blind
  The spoilers
BALDACCI, David Absolute power
  Deliver Us from Evil
  Divine justice
  hour game
  Last Man standing
  Saving Faith
  Split second
  The simple truth
  Total control
  True Blue
CANNING, Victor The Kingsford mark
  The Rainbird pattern
CARR╔, John le A perfect spy
  Our game
  Smiley's people
  The little drummer girl
  The night manager
  The Russia House
  The secret pilgrim
  The spy who came in from the cold
  Tinker tailor soldier spy
CASE, John The genesis Code
CHANDLER, Raymond Farewell, my lovely
CHARTERIS, Leslie She was a lady
CHRIGHTON, Michael Jurassic park
CHRISTIE, Agatha Curtain: Poirot's last case
  The ABC murders
  The murder of Roger Ackroyd
  The mysterious affair at Styles
CLANCY, Tom The cardinal of the Kremlin
  The hunt for Red October
COBEN, Harlan No second chance
COLLINS, Larry and Dominique Lapierre The fifth horseman
CONNELLY, Michael Angels Flight
  Blood work
CONNOLLY, John Dark hollow
  Every dead thing
  The killing kind
COOK, Robin Coma
CORNWELL, Patricia All that remains
  Book of the Dead
  The body farm
  Unnatural exposure
COUGHLIN, William J. Shadow of a doubt
COULTER, Stephen The Soyuz affair
DEIGHTON, Len An expensive place to die
  Berlin game
  Funeral in Berlin
  Horse under water
  London match
  Mexico set
  Only when I larf
  Spy hook
  Spy story
  The Ipcress file
  The million dollar brain
  Yesterday's spy
DOYLE, Sir Arthur Conan A study in scarlet
ELLIN, Stanley The man from nowhere
FINDER, Joseph Paranoia
FOLLETT, Ken A dangerous fortune
  Code to zero
  Eye of the Needle
  The hammer of Eden
  The third twin
FOLSOM, Allan The exile
FORSYTH, Frederick The fist of God
  The fourth protocol
  The negotiator
FOX, Peter Mantis
FRANCIS, Dick Knock down
FRENCH, Nicci Beneath the skin
  Blue Monday
  Killing me softly
  Land of the living
  Losing you
  Secret smile
  The memory game
  The red room
  The safe house
  Until it's safe
  What to do when someone dies
FRENCH, Tana In the woods
FYFIELD, Frances A clear conscience
  Trial by fire
GEAR, W. MICHAEL and Kathleen O'Neal Gear Raising Abel
GEORGE, Elizabeth A great deliverance
  A place of hiding
  A traitor to memory
  Deception on his mind
  For the sake of Elena
  In pursuit of the proper sinner
  In the presence of the enemy
  Payment in blood
  Playing for the ashes
  Well-schooled in murder
GODDARD, Robert Beyond recall
  Borrowed time
  Closed Circle
  Into the blue
  Past caring
GOLDMAN, William No way to treat a lady
GRISHAM, John A time to kill
  The brethren
  The chamber
  The client
  The firm
  The king of torts
  The partner
  The pelican brief
  The rainmaker
  The runaway jury
  The Testament
GUILFOILE, Kevin Wicker
HARRIS, Thomas Hannibal
  The silence of the lambs
HARTLEY, Norman The Viking process
HARVEY, John Far Cry
HAWKSLEY, Humphrey Ceremony of innocence
HERBERT, Frank The white plague
HIGHSMITH, Patricia A dog's ransom
  A game for the living
  Deep water
  Ripley under ground
  Strangers on a train
  The blunderer
  This sweet sickness
HOFFMAN, Jilliane Retribution
HUNTER, Evan Criminal conversation
ILES, Greg The footprints of God
INNES, Hammond The wreck of the Mary Deare
JAMES, Donald The Fortuneteller
JAMES, Peter The truth
KANON, Joseph Los Alamos
KATZENBACH, John Day of reckoning
  The analyst
KELLERMAN, Jonathan Bad love
  Devil's waltz
  Private eyes
  Silent partner
KLAVAN, Andrew The uncanny
  True crime
LEASOR, James Passport in suspense
LEVIN, Ira A kiss before dying
  Rosemary's baby
  Son of Rosemary
  The boys from Brazil
LIEBERMAN, Herbert City of the dead
LINDSEY, David L. Mercy
LUDLUM, Robert The apocalypse watch
  The Aquitaine progression
  The Bourne identity
  The Bourne supremacy
  The Bourne ultimatum
  The Chancelor manuscript
  The Gemini contenders
  The Holcroft covenant
  The Icarus agenda
  The Janson directive
  The Matarese circle
  The Matarese Countdown
  The Parsifal mosaic
  The Rhineman exchange
  The Scorpio illusion
LUDLUM, Robert and Gayle Lynds The Hades Factor
LUSTBADER, Eric van Black heart
  The Miko
  The Ninja
MACDONALD, Ross Find a victim
  The blue hammer
  The drowning pool
  The far side of the dollar
  The zebra-striped hearse
  Trouble follows me
MACINNES, Helen I and my true love
  The Venetian affair
MACLEAN, Alistair The black shrike
  Where eagles dare
MACLEAN, Charles The watcher
MADDOCK, Stephen Gentlemen of the night
MARKHAM, Robert Colonel Sun
MARKSTEIN, George The cooler
MARSH, Ngaio Enter a murderer
McCLURE, James Snake
  The blood of an Englishman
  The caterpillar cop
  The steam pig
  The sunday hangman
MERLE, Robert The day of the dolphin
MOORE, Brian Lies of silence
MORLEY, Christopher The haunted bookshop
MULLER, Marcia A wild and lonely place
  Pennies on a dead woman's eyes
OLDEN, Marc Kisaeng
  Poe must die
PALMER, Michael The first patient
PATTERSON, Richard North Balance of power
  Eyes of a child
PEARL, Matthew The Dante Club
  The Poe Shadow
RAMUS, David Thief of light
RENDELL, Ruth Going wrong
  Inspector Wexford
  Kissing the gunner's daughter
  Shake hands for ever
  The bridesmaid
  The crocodile bird
  The speaker of mandarin
RICE, Craig Having  wonderful crime
RIDPATH, Michael Free to trade
ROBB, J.D. Vengeance in death
ROTHBERG, Abraham The heirs of Cain
SANDERS, Lawrence Caper
  The case of Lucy Bending
  The eighth commandment
  The first deadly sin
  The loves of Harry Dancer
  The second deadly sin
  The tenth commandment
  The third deadly sin
SAPPER Knock-out
SERLING, Robert J. The president's plane is missing
SLAUGHTER, Karin A faint cold fear
  Skin privilege
SMITH, Mark The death of the detective
SMITH, Martin Cruz Gorky Park
STRALEY, John The woman who married a bear
TARTT, Donna The secret history
THORPE, Roderick The detective
TOPOL, Edward and Fridrikh Neznansky Red Square
  The Loo sanction
  The Main
  The summer of Katya
TRYON, Thomas Harvest home
  The other
TUROW, Scott The burden of proof
VACHSS, Andrew Blossom
  Blue Belle
  Hard Candy
VINE, Barbara A fatal inversion
  Asta's Book
  No night is too long
  The Bromstone wedding
  The verdict of you all
WALTERS, Minette The dark room
  The ice house
  The scold's bridle
  The sculptress
WAMBAUGH, Joseph The choir boys
WEAVER, Michael The lie
WEESNER, Theodore The true detective
WEST, Elliot The night is a time for listening
WOOD, Bari The tribe
YALOM, Irvin D. Lying on the couch
YORKE, Margaret Admit to murder