Schrijver/redacteur Titel
ADAMS, Douglas The more than complete hitchhiker's guide
ANDERSON, Poul Virgin planet
ASIMOV, Isaac Forward the Foundation
  Foundation and Earth
  Foundation and Empire
  Foundation's edge
  Pebble in the sky
  Prelude to Foundation
  Robots and empire
  Second Foundation
  The caves of steel
  The currents of space
  The end of eternity
  The gods themselves
  The naked sun
  The robots of Dawn
  The stars like dust
ASIMOV, Isaac and Robert Silverberg Nightfall
  The positronic man
BEAR, Greg Darwin's children
BERK, Howard The sun grows cold
BRADBURY, Ray Fahrenheit 451
CLARKE, Arthur C. 2001 A space odyssey
  Imperial earth
  Rendezvous with Rama
  The songs of distant earth
CLARKE, Arthur C. and Gentrey Lee Rama II
  The garden of Rama
COOPER, Susan Mandrake
DICKINSON, Peter The green gene
DISCH, Thomas M. The Genocides
GUIN, Ursula K. Le Earthsea trilogy
HAMILTON, Peter F. Judas unchained
  The naked god
  The neutronium alchemist
  The reality dysfunction
HEINLEIN, Robert A. I will fear no evil
  Stranger in a strange land
HERBERT, Frank Dune
  The Dosadi experiment
  The eyes of Heisenberg
  The Santaroga barrier
HERBERT, Frank and Bill Ransom The Jesus incident
  The Lazarus effect
HOYLE, Fred Ossian's ride
  The black cloud
HUXLEY, Aldous Brave new world
KUTTNER, Henry Mutant
LEINSTER, Murray Space gypsies
LESSING, Doris Shikasta
  The marriages between zones three, four and five
McCAFFREY, Anne Dragonflight
  The white dragon
MILLER JR, Walter M. A canticle for Leibowitz
MOORE, C.L. Doomsday morning
NIVEN, Larry A gift from earth
  A world out of time
  World of Ptavvs
NIVEN, Larry and Jerry Pournelle Footfall
  Lucifer's Hammer
  The gripping hand
  The mote in god's eye
POHL, Frederik Alternating currents
  Drunkard's walk
POHL, Frederik and C.M. Kornbluth The space merchants
POURNELLE, Jerry Future history
REYNOLDS, Alastair Absolution gap
SIMAK, Clifford D. The werewolf principle
  They walked like men
  Time and again
STAPLEDON, Olaf Last and first man
STURGEON, Theodore More than human
THEROUX, Paul The O-zone
TROUT, Kilgore Venus on the half-shell
VONNEGUT, Jr., Kurt Cat's cradle
  The Sirens of Titan
WELLS, H.G. The war of the worlds
WILHELM, Kate Juniper time
WYNDHAM, John Chocky
  Sleepers of Mars
  The Chrysalids
  The John Wyndham Omnibus