Schrijver/redacteur Titel
ADAMS, Richard The plague dogs
  Watership Down
DONALDSON, Stephen A man rides through
  Fatal Revenant
  Lord Foul's bane
  The Illearth war
  The mirror of her dreams
  The one tree
  The power that preserves
  The Runes of the earth
  The wounded land
  White gold wielder
DUNSANY, Lord The king of Elfland's daughter
EDDISON, E.R. A fish dinner in Memison
  Mistress of mistresses
  The Mezentian gate
  The worm Ouroboros
HAGGARD, H. Rider She
PEAKE, Mervin Titus Groan
STEWART, Mary The crystal cave
SWIFT, Jonathan Gulliver's travels
  Gulliver's travels
TOLKIEN, J.R.R. Farmer Giles of Ham
  Smith of Wootton Major
  The fellowship of the ring
  The fellowship of the ring
  The return of the king
  The return of the king
  The Silmarillion
  The two towers
  The two towers