Schrijver / red. Titel    
  Niet vermeld Suburban souls    
  ALTHER, Lisa Kinflicks    
  Other women    
  AMIS, Kingsley Lucky Jim    
  My enemy's enemy    
  Take a girl like you    
  The anti-death league    
  AMIS, Kingsley and Robert Conquest The Egyptologists    
  AMIS, Martin Other people    
  ATWOOD, Margaret Bodily harm    
  Cat's eye    
  Lady Oracle    
  The robber bride    
  AUSTER, Paul The invention of solitude    
  BAINBRIDGE, Beryl Another part of the wood    
  BALDWIN, James Another country    
  Giovanni's room    
  Go tell it on the mountain    
  If Beale street could talk    
  Just above my head    
  Tell me how long the train's been gone    
  BANKS, Iain Espedair street    
  The bridge    
  The Business    
  The wasp factory    
  Walking on glass    
  BARKER, Pat Union Street    
  BARTH, John Giles goat-boy    
  The sot-weed factor    
  BEDFORD, Martyn Black Cat    
  BEINHART, Larry American Hero    
  BELLOW, Saul Herzog    
  The adventures of Augie March    
  BINCHY, Maeve Circle of friends    
  Firefly summer    
  Light a penny candle    
  Silver wedding    
  The glass lake    
  The lilac bus    
  BOYD, William The blue afternoon    
  BRADFORD, Barbara Taylor Voice of the heart    
  BRINK, André A chain of voices    
  The ambassador    
  BRISKIN, Jaqueline Too much too soon    
  BROOKNER, Anita A friend from England    
  A misalliance    
  Family and friends    
  Lewis Percy    
  Look at me    
  BROWN, Rita Mae Bingo    
  High hearts    
  Ruby fruit jungle    
  Six of one    
  Southern discomfort    
  Sudden death    
  BUCK, Pearl S. Voices in the house    
  BUKOWSKI, Charles Women    
  CAIL, Carol Private lies    
  CAPOTE, Truman In cold blood    
  Other voices, other rooms    
  CLARK, Mary Higgins All around the town    
  CLAVELL, James Noble house    
  COHEN, Matt The Spanish doctor    
  CONRAN, Shirley Lace    
  COSTELLO, Mark Big If    
  COURTENAY, Bryce Tandia    
  DAHL, Roald My uncle Oswald    
  DANIELEWSKI, Mark Z. House of Leaves    
  DAVIES, Robertson The Deptford trilogy    
  The lyre of Orpheus    
  The rebel angels    
  What's bred in the bone    
  DAWSON, Janet Till the old men die    
  DEIGHTON, Len Bomber    
  DIBDIN, Michael Dead Lagoon    
  DICKENS, Charles and W.M. Thackeray The loving ballad of Lord Bateman    
  DIDION, Joan A book of common prayer    
  DISKI, Jenny Then Again    
  DOCTOROW, E.L. Billy Bathgate    
  Loon Lake    
  The book of Daniel    
  DONLEAVY, J.P. The ginger man    
  DOYLE, A. Conan The exploits of brigadier Gerard    
  DRABBLE, Margaret The gates of ivory    
  The middle ground    
  The radiant way    
  The realms of gold    
  DRURY, Allen Advise and consent    
  DWORKIN, Andrea Mercy    
  EDEN, Dorothy The voice of the dolls    
  EGGERS, Dave A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius    
  ELLIS, Bret Easton American Psycho    
  EVANOVICH, Janet One for the money    
  FAULKNER, William Light in August    
  FIELDING, Henry Tom Jones    
  FLANAGAN, Richard Gould's Book of Fish    
  FOLEY, Mick Tietam Brown    
  FOLLETT, Ken The pillars of the earth    
  FORSTER, E.M. A passage to India    
  FOWLER, Bo The astrological diary of God    
  FOWLES, John Daniel Martin    
  The Magus    
  FRAZIER, Charles Cold Mountain    
  FRENCH, Marilyn Our father    
  The bleeding heart    
  The women's room    
  GAITSKILL, Mary Two girls, fat and thin    
  GOLDING, William Lord of the flies    
  Rites of passage    
  The pyramid    
  GORDIMER, Nadine A sport of nature    
  A world of strangers    
  Burger's daughter    
  GORDON, Mary Final payments    
  The other side    
  The rest of life    
  GOWDY, Barbara Falling angels    
  GREENE, Graham Doctor Fischer of Geneva or The bomb party    
  The comedians    
  The end of the affair    
  The human factor    
  The ministry of fear    
  HADDON, Mark The curious incident of the dog in the night-time    
  HARVEY, John Lonely Hearts    
  HAWTHORNE, Nathaniel The scarlet letter    
  HECKSTALL-SMITH, Anthony The consort    
  HEFFERMAN, William The Dinosaur Club    
  HELLER, Joseph Catch 22    
  Closing Time    
  God knows    
  Good as gold    
  Picture this    
  Something happened    
  HEMINGWAY, Ernest Fiesta    
  For whom the bell tolls    
  The old man and the sea    
  HERR, Michael Dispatches    
  HILL, Ruth Beebe Hanta Yo    
  HILL, Susan Air & angels    
  HOBBS, Jenny The Sweet-Smelling Jasmine    
  HØEG, Peter Miss Smilla's feeling for snow    
  HOLT, Victoria The house of a thousand lanterns    
  HULME, Keri The bone people    
  HUXLEY, Aldous Those barren leaves    
  INGLIS, Janet Daddy's girl    
  IRVING, John A prayer for Owen Meany    
  A widow for one year    
  The world according to Garp    
  ISHERWOOD, Christopher A single man    
  JONES, Craig Blood secrets    
  JONES, James From here to eternity    
  JONES, Robert E. Blood sport    
  JONG, Erica Fear of flying    
  JOYCE, James Ulysses    
  KA-TZETNIK 135633 House of the dolls    
  KEROUAC, Jack Big Sur    
  KING, Laurie A grave talent    
  KOTZWINKLE, William Doctor Rat    
  Jack in the box    
  KUNDERA, Milan The joke    
  LAWRENCE, D.H. Lady Chatterley's lover    
  LEDERER, William J. and Eugene Burdick The ugly American    
  LEE, Harper To kill a mockingbird    
  LESSING, Doris A proper marriage    
  A ripple from the storm    
  Martha Quest    
  The diaries of Jane Somers    
  The four-gated city    
  The good terrorist    
  The habit of loving    
  The story of a non-marrying man    
  The summer before the dark    
  LIVELY, Penelope Moon tiger    
  Next to nature, art    
  Perfect happiness    
  The road to Lichfield    
  LURIE, Alison Foreign affairs    
  MAILER, Norman An American dream    
  Harlot's Ghost    
  The naked and the dead    
  MALAMUD, Bernard A new life    
  Dubin's lives    
  God's grace    
  Pictures of Fidelman    
  The assistant    
  The fixer    
  The natural    
  The tenants    
  MANDIARGUES, Andre Pieyre de The motorcycle    
  MARGOLIN, Phillip M. Gone, but not forgotten    
  MARQUEZ, Gabriel Garcia One hundred years of solitude    
  McBAIN, Laurie Tears of gold    
  McCARTHY, Cormac All the pretty horses    
  McCARTHY, Mary Cannibals and missionaries    
  The group    
  McEWAN, Ian Amsterdam    
  Black dogs    
  Enduring love    
  The cement garden    
  The child in time    
  The comfort of strangers    
  The daydreamer    
  The innocent    
  McINERNEY, Jay Bright lights, big city    
  Brightness Falls    
  McMURTRY, Larry Lonesome Dove    
  Terms of endearment    
  MILLER, Henry Tropic of Cancer    
  Tropic of Capricorn    
  MILLER, Sue Family pictures    
  For love    
  MITCHELL, Margaret Gone with the wind    
  MONTGOMERY, James W. That summer on blue mountain    
  MOORE, Christopher Practical demonkeeping    
  MORRISON, Toni Beloved    
  Tar baby    
  The bluest eye    
  MURDOCH, Iris The sea, the sea    
  The Unicorn    
  NABOKOV, Vladimir Invitation to a beheading    
  Pale fire    
  NAIPAUL, V.S. A bend in the river    
  In a free state    
  NEWMAN, Andrea Three into two won't go    
  NORDHOFF, Charles and James Norman Hall Men against the sea    
  Mutiny on the Bounty    
  Pitcairn's island    
  OATES, Joyce Carol A Bloodsmoor romance    
  Marya: a life    
  What I lived for    
  O'BRIEN, Edna Johnny I hardly knew you    
  The high road    
  The longings of women    
  O'CONNOR, Edwin I was dancing    
  O'HARA, John From the terrace    
  ORWELL, George Animal farm    
  Keep the Aspidistra flying    
  Nineteen eighty-four    
  PALLISER, Charles The Quincunx    
  PARETSKY, Sara Burn marks    
  PEARS, Iain An instance of the fingerpost    
  PERRIAM, Wendy Devils for a change    
  PERRICK, Penny Malina    
  PESETSKY, Bette Author from a savage people    
  PIERCY, Marge Summer people    
  The high cost of living    
  PILCHER, Rosamunde September    
  The Rosamunde Pilcher Collection    
  The shell seekers    
  PIRSIG, Robert M. Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance    
  PROULX, E. Annie The shipping news    
  PUZO, Mario The godfather    
  RAND, Ayn Anthem    
  Atlas shrugged    
  The fountainhead    
  We the living    
  RANDALL, Rona Dragonmede    
  RASKIN, Barbara Current affairs    
  Hot flashes    
  READ, Susan Snap happy    
  REDFIELD, James The Celestine Prophecy    
  RIGBEY, Liz Total eclipse    
  RINEHART, Luke Adventures of Wim    
  The dice man    
  RINEHART, Mary Roberts The door    
  ROBBINS, Harold The adventurers    
  The carpetbaggers    
  ROBINSON, Henry Morton The cardinal    
  ROSSNER, Judith Attachments    
  His little women    
  Looking for mr Goodbar    
  To the precipice    
  ROTH, Philip Sabbath's theater    
  The great American novel    
  The professor of desire    
  RUARK, Robert Uhuru    
  RUSHDIE, Salman Midnight's children    
  SADE, Marquis de Justine    
  SAINT, H.F. Memoirs of an invisible man    
  SALINGER, J.D. Catcher in the rye    
  Franny and Zooey    
  SANDERS, Lawrence The tomorrow file    
  SANDFORD, John Rules of prey    
  SARTON, May Anger    
  SCRIMGEOUR, G.J. A woman of her times    
  SHARP, Allan A green tree in Gedde    
  SHELDON, Sidney Rage of angels    
  SHIELDS, Carol The republic of love    
  The Stone diaries    
  SNEIDER, Vern The teahouse of the August moon    
  SONTAG, Susan Death kit    
  The volcano lover    
  SPARK, Muriel Loitering with intent    
  Territorial rights    
  STEWART, Mary This rough magic    
  STONE, Robert Dog Soldiers    
  STYRON, William The confessions of Nat Turner    
  SUYIN, Han Birdless summer    
  TAN, Amy The Joy Luck Club    
  The kitchen god's wife    
  TARTT, Donna The little friend    
  THORNBURG, Newton Cutter and Bone    
  THORPE, Roderick Dionysus    
  TRAPIDO, Barbara Juggling    
  TROLLOPE, Joanna A passionate man    
  A spanish lover    
  The men and the girls    
  The rector's wife    
  TWAIN, Mark The adventures of Huckleberry Finn    
  TYLER, Anne Breathing lessons    
  If morning ever comes    
  Ladder of years    
  Saint Maybe    
  The accidental tourist    
  UPDIKE, John Pigeon feathers    
  URIS, Leon Armageddon    
  Mila 18    
  USTINOV, Peter Krumnagel    
  VIDAL, Gore Myra Breckinridge    
  VONNEGUT, Jr., Kurt Breakfast of champions    
  Dead-eye Dick    
  God bless you, mr Rosewater    
  Mother Night    
  Player piano    
  Hocus Pocus    
  Palm Sunday    
  WALKER, Alice The color purple    
  The temple of my familiar    
  WASSMO, Herbjørg Dina's Book    
  WEISS, Daniel Evan Hell on wheels    
  WELDON, Fay Darcy's Utopia    
  Leader of the band    
  Life force    
  Little sisters    
  Remember me    
  The cloning of Joanna May    
  The heart of the country    
  The hearts and lives of men    
  The life & loves of a she devil    
  The rules of life    
  The Shrapnel academy    
  WHITNEY, Phyllis A. The quicksilver pool    
  WILLIAMS, John H. The man who cried I am    
  WILSON, A.N. Unguarded hours    
  WILSON, Colin Lingard    
  Necessary doubt    
  WINTON, Tim The Riders    
  WOLFE, Tom A Man in Full    
  Bonfire of the vanities    
  WOOLF, Virginia Mrs Dalloway    
  WRIGHT, L.R. A chill rain in january    
  YALOM, Irvin D. When Nietzsche wept    
  ZAHAVI, Helen Dirty weekend    
  True romance