Schrijver/redacteur Titel
  A Course in Miracles
  Michelangelo and Raphael in the Vatican
  National Archaeological Museum
  New Websters Dictionary and Thesaurus
  Quotations from chairman LBJ
  Report from Iron Mountain
  The 9/11 commission report
  The concise Oxford dictionary
  The Pentagon papers
  The report of the commission on obscenity & pornography
  The Tower commission report
  The Watergate hearings
  The White House transcripts
  Times atlas of the world
ACZEL, Amir D. The mystery of the Aleph, Mathematics, the Kabbalah, and the Search for Infinity
AMBROSE, Stephen E. Nixon, The education of a politician
  Nixon, The triumph of a politician
AMIS, Kingsley New maps of hell
ANONYMOUS Imperial hubris, Why the West is losing the war on terror
ARMSTRONG, Karen A history of God
  The battle for God
  The great transformation
AULETTA, Ken The underclass
BAER, Robert Sleeping with the enemy, How Washinghton sold our soul for Saudi crude
BAIGENT, Michael, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln The holy blood and the holy grail
BALLARD, Brenda D., Dreamwaver 4
BAMFORD, James Body of secrets
BELL, Quentin Virginia Woolf, a biography
BERNSTEIN, Richard Dictatorship of virtue
BODANIS, David E=mc▓, A biography of the world's most famous equation
BOORSTIN, Daniel J. The image
BROGAN, Hugh The Pelican History of the United States
BROWN, Dee Bury my heart at Wounded Knee
BRYSON, Bill Made in America
CAPA, Robert Images of war
CARO, Robert A. The years of Lyndon Johnson, Master of the senate
  The years of Lyndon Johnson, Means of ascent
  The years of Lyndon Johnson, The path to power
CARTER, Lin Tolkien: a look behind The lord of the rings
CHANG, Jung Wild Swans
CHAPLIN, Charles My autobiography
CHATWIN, Bruce The song lines
CHOMSKY, Noam 9-11
  American power and the new mandarins
  At war with Asia
  Deterring democracy
  For reasons of state
  Hegemony or survival, America's quest for global dominance
  Middle East Illusions
  Problems of knowledge and freedom
  The prosperous few and the restless many
  Towards a new cold war
  Understanding power
  What Uncle Sam really wants
CHOMSKY, Noam (interviewed by David Barsamian) Secrets, lies and democracy
CHOMSKY, Noam and Edward S. Herman After the cataclysm
  The Washington connection and third world fascism
CHURCHILL, Randolph S. and Winston S. The six day war
COELLO, Dennis Bicycle touring, Arizona
  Bicycle touring, Colorado
COLLIER, Peter and David Horowitz The Kennedy's, an American drama
COLODNY, Len and Robert Gettlin Silent coup
COMFORT, Alex The anxiety makers
COTTERELL, Maurice The Tutankhamun Prophecies
CREWS, Frederick C. The Pooh perplex
CURRY-LINDAHL, Kai Sarek, Stora Sj÷fallet, Padjelanta
DAVIES, Hunter A walk around the lakes
DIAMOND,Jed Guns, germs and steel, A short history of everybody for the last 13.000 years
DREW, Elizabeth The corruption of American politics
DRIESUM, Rob van and Nikki Hall Amsterdam
DROSNIN, Michael The Bible code
DWORKIN, Andrea Intercourse
ECKERT, Allan W. A sorrow in our heart, The life of Tecumseh
FALLOWS, James National defense
FERNEA, Elisabeth Warnock Guests of the Sheik
FIGES, Orlando A people's tragedy, The Russian revolution 1891 - 1924
FOWLES, John The Aristos
FISK, Robert The great war for civilisation, The conquest of the Middle East
FOX, Robin Lane The unauthorized version, Truth and fiction in the Bible
FUKUYAMA, Francis The end of history and the last man
GAUSDEN, Christa and Nicholas Crane The CTC route guide to cycling in Great Britain
GOLDHAGEN, Daniel Jonah Hitler's willing executioners, Ordinary Germans and the holocaust
GRANT, Allen The American political process
GREENEWAY, Kate Alphabet
GUNTHER, John Inside Europe today
  Inside Russia today
HAAN, Vici de Bike rides of the Colorado Front Range
HACKETT, General Sir John, & others The third world war
HALBERSTAM, David The best and the brightest
  The fifties
  The next century
  The powers that be
  The reckoning
HAMMOND, Reginald J.W. (ed.) Complete Scotland
HAWKING, Stephen W. A brief history of time
HERMAN, Edward S. and Noam Chomsky Manufacturing Consent, The political economy of the mass media
HERSH, Seymour M. Chain of command
  The dark side of Camelot
  The price of power
HITCHENS, Christopher No one left to lie to, The values of the worst family
HITE, Shere The Hite report
HOFSTADTER, Douglas R. Metamagical themas
HOLROYD, Michael Lytton Strachey, Volume I, The unknown years
HUGHES, Robert Culture of complaint, The fraying of America
  The fatal shore
ICKE, David The biggest secret
JANIN, Hunt Culture Shock! The Netherlands
JOHNSON, Haynes and David S. Broder The System, The American way of politics at the breaking point
JOHNSTON, David Cay Perfectly legal, The covert campaign to rig our tax system  to benefit the super rich - and cheat everybody else
KAHN, Herman Thinking about the unthinkable
KAHN, Herman and Anthony Wiener The year 2000, A framework for speculation
KENNEDY, Paul The rise and fall of the great powers
KIDDER, Tracy The soul of a new machine
KLEIN, Naomi No Logo
KOCHER, Paul H. Master of Middle-Earth
KRAKAUER, Jon Under the banner of heaven
KRONHAUSEN, Drs. Eberhard and Phyllis The 1st international exhibition of erotic art
LEDERER, William J. A nation of sheep
  Our own worst enemy
LESSING, Doris Under my skin
LORIA, Jeffrey H. What's it all about, Charlie Brown?
MacBETH, George and Martin Booth (ed.) The book of cats
MAHMOODY, Betty Not without my daughter
MAILER, Norman A fire on the moon
MARCHETTI, Victor and John D. Marks The CIA and the cult of intelligence
MARCUSE, Herbert One  dimensional man
MARRS, Jim Alien agenda, Investigating the extraterrestrial presence among us
MARX, Karl Selected writings in sociology and social philosophy
MATTHIESSEN, Peter In the spirit of Crazy Horse
MAYALL, W.H. The challenge of the chip
MAYER, Jane The dark side
McNAMARA, Robert S. In retrospect
MORLEY, John David Pictures from the water trade
MORRIS, Desmond The naked ape
MOSKOWITZ, Sam Explorers of the infinite
  Seekers of tomorrow
MURPHY, Dervla Wheels within wheels
NADER, Ralph and Wesley J. Smith No contest, Corporate lawyers and the perversion of justice in America
NOBLE, Frank The Shell book of Offa's dyke path
PACKARD, Vance The waste makers
PALAST, Greg The best democracy money can buy
PARKER, Geoffrey The Dutch revolt
PARKINSON, C. Northcote Parkinsons's law or The pursuit of progress
PICKNET, Lynn & Clive Prince The Templar revelation
PITT, William Rivers The greatest sedition is silence, Four years in America
PIZZO, Stephen, Mary Fricker and Paul Muolo In$ide Job
PYLE, Ernie Here is your war
RAND, Ayn Capitalism: the unknown ideal
  The romantic manifesto
  The virtue of selfishness
READY, William Understanding Tolkien and The lord of the rings
REIMER, Everett School is dead
RICHARDS, Janet Radcliffe The sceptical feminist
RIESMAN, David Individualism reconsidered
RINGER, Bruce New Zealand by bike
ROHDE, David End game
RUONG, IsraeL The Lapps in Sweden
RUSHKOFF, Douglas Life Inc., How the world became a corporation and how to take it back
SACKS, Oliver The man who mistook his wife for a hat
SADAAWI, Nawal El The hidden face of Eve
SANDERS, Deidre with Jane Reed Kitchen sink, or swim?
SCHAMA, Simon Citizens
  Patriots and liberators
  The Americn Future
  The embarrassment of riches
SCHEINFELD, Amram Twins and supertwins
SCHELL, Jonathan The fate of the earth
SCHONFIELD, Dr. Hugh J. The Passover plot
SCHRECKER, Ellen Many are the crimes, McCarthyism in America
SCHURMANN, Franz and Orville Schell (ed.) China readings 2: Republican China
  China readings 3: Communist China
SCHWARZ, John E. Illusions of opportunity
SHAKESPEARE, William The Shakespeare birthday book
SHAWCROSS, William Side show
SHEEHAN, Neil A bright shining lie
SHEEHY, Gail The silent passage, menopause
SHESOL, Jeff Mutual contempt
SHIPPEY, Tom J.R.R. Tolkien, Author of the century
SHIRER, William L. The rise and fall of the third reich
SHORT, Robert The gospel according to Peanuts
  The parables of Peanuts
SICK, Gary October surprise
SMITH, Hedrick The new Russians
  The power game
SNEL, Jeroen G. Wrists in space
SNOW, Nancy Information war, American propaganda, free speech and opinion control since 9-11
SPRAGUE DE CAMP, L. Lovecraft, a biography
STALKER, John Stalker
STEWART, James B. Blood sport
  Den of thieves
STOCKHAM, Peter University bookselling
STOCKMAN, David A. The triumph of politics
SUSKIND, Ron The One Percent Doctrine, Deep inside America's pursuit of its enemies since 9/11
TABARI, Azar and Nahid Yeganeh In the shadow of Islam
TALBOT, Michael The holographic universe
TAYLOR, G. Rattray The biological time-bomb
THEOHARIS, Athan G. and John Stuart Cox The boss; J. Edgar Hoover & the great American inquisition
TOFFLER, Alvin Future shock
TOLKIEN, J.R.R. Tree and leaf
TRUSS, Lynne Eats, shoots and leaves
TUCHMAN, Barbara W. The first salute
TURNER, Peter, Jeff Williams, Nancy Keller and Tony Wheeler New Zealand
WEINGARTEN, Jan and Colin Bay Teach yourself Word 97 for Windows
WEIR, Bill Arizona, Traveler's Handbook
WOODCOCK, George Anarchism
WOODWARD, Bob Veil: The secret wars of the CIA 1981-1987
  The War Within, A secret White House history, 2006-2008
WOODWARD, Bob and Carl Bernstein All the president's men
ZEPEZAUER, Mark & Arthur Naiman Take the rich off welfare
ZINN, Howard A people's history of the United States