Schrijver/redacteur Titel
  The Playboy book of science fiction and fantasy
ALDISS, Brian W. and Harry Harrison (ed.) Nebula award stories 2
AMIS, Kingsley and Robert Conquest Spectrum 3
ANDERSON, Poul Strangers from earth
ASIMOV, Isaac Azazel
  Buy Jupiter
  Earth is room enough
  I, robot
  Nightfall and other stories
  Nine tomorrows
  Opus 100
  The bicentennial man
  The Martian way
  The rest of the robots
ASIMOV, Isaac (ed.) Before the golden age 2
  Before the golden age 3
ASIMOV, Isaac and Groff Conklin (ed.) Fifty short science fiction tales
BALLARD, J.G. The four-dimensional nightmare
BOARDMAN, Tom (ed.) Connoisseur's SF
BOVA, Ben (ed.) Science fiction hall of fame (novellas)
BRADBURY, Ray A medicine for melancholy
  I sing the body electric
  R is for rocket
  The day it rained forever
BROWN, Fredric Daymares
BUDRYS, Algis The furious future
CAMPBELL, John W. (ed.) Analog 3
  The first Astounding science fiction anthology
  The second Astounding science fiction anthology
CLARKE, Arthur C. Expedition to earth
  Reach for tomorrow
  The nine billion names of God
CONKLIN, Groff (ed.) 17 x infinity
  Elsewhere and elsewhen
  Science fiction oddities
  Science fiction terror tales
CONKLIN, Groff and Noah D. Fabricant (ed.) Great science fiction about doctors
DERLETH, August (ed.) Beachheads in space
GOLD, H.L. (ed.) The weird ones
HARRISON, Harry (ed.) SF: Authors choice
KUTTNER, Henry Return to otherness
LEIBER, Fritz A pail of air
MERRIL, Judith Out of bounds
MERRIL, Judith (ed.) SF The best of the best
  The best of Sci-Fi 2
  The best of Sci-Fi 4
  The year's best S-F, 11th annual edition
MILLS, Robert P. (ed.) A decade of Fantasy and Science Fiction
  The worlds of science fiction
MOORCOCK, Michael (ed.) New worlds 4
NIVEN, Larry A hole in space
  Inconstant moon
  Neutron star
  Tales of known space
  The flight of the horse
  The shape of space
SARGENT, Pamela (ed.) The new women of wonder
SHECKLEY, Robert Notions: unlimited
SILVERBERG, Robert (ed.) Science fiction hall of fame (stories)
SIMAK, Clifford D. Skirmish
  Strangers in the universe
  The night of the Puudly
TENN, William Of men and monsters
  The seven sexes
VOGT, A.E. van Away and beyond
WOLLHEIM, Donald A. and Terry Carr (ed.) World's best science fiction 1967