Schrijver/redacteur Titel
BLACKWOOD, Algernon The insanity of Jones and other tales
DAHL, Roald Someone like you
  Switch bitch
DERLETH, August (ed.) Sleep no more
ELLIN, Stanley Quiet horror
HARVEY, W.F. The beast with five fingers
KERSH, Gerald Nightshade & damnations
LOVECRAFT, H.P. At the mountains of madness
  Dagon and other macabre tales
  Dreams and fancies
  The Dunwich horror and others
  The haunter of the dark and other tales
  The lurking fear and other stories
  The tomb and other tales
LOVECRAFT, H.P. & divers hands The dark brotherhood and other pieces
LOVECRAFT, H.P. and others The spawn of Cthulhu
LOVECRAFT, H.P., with August Derleth The lurker at the threshold
THAL, Herbert van (ed.) The ninth Pan book of horror stories