Schrijver/redacteur Titel
  New Czech prose
  The Pearl
BALDWIN, James Going to meet the man
CHAUCER, Geoffrey The Canterbury tales
  The Canterbury tales
DAHL, Roald Kiss kiss
DEIGHTON, Len Declarations of war
ENGLANDER, Nathan For the relief of unbearable urges
GREENE, Graham 21 stories
HUDSON, Derek (ed.) Modern English short stories Second series
HUXLEY, Aldous Collected short stories
JEROME, Jerome K. Three man in a boat and Three man on the Bummel
JONES, Phyllis M. (ed.) Modern English short stories First Series
KOTZWINKLE, William Elephant bangs train
LENNON, John The Penguin John Lennon
LESSING, Doris Stories
MALAMUD, Bernard Idiots first
  Rembrandt's hat
  The magic barrel
  The People and uncollected stories
MAUGHAM, W. Somerset Collected short stories 1
  Collected short stories 2
  Collected short stories 3
  Collected short stories 4
McEWAN, Ian First love, last rites
  In between the sheets
NEWMAN, Andrea A bouquet of barbed wire
  Another bouquet
O'BRIEN, Edna Mrs Reinhardt and other stories
O'HARA, John Assembly
SALINGER, J.D. For Esme with love & squalor
  Raise high the roof beam, carpenters & Seymour, an introduction
SOUTHERN, Terry Red-dirt marijuana and other tastes
TRYON, Thomas Crowned heads
USTINOV, Peter The frontiers of the sea
VONNEGUT, Jr., Kurt Wampeters, Foma & Granfalloons