Schrijver/redacteur Titel
  A Course in Miracles
  Inside Mad
  Like, Mad
  Michelangelo and Raphael in the Vatican
  National Archaeological Museum
  New Czech prose
  New Websters Dictionary and Thesaurus
  Quotations from chairman LBJ
  Report from Iron Mountain
  Suburban souls
  The 9/11 commission report
  The brand new Monty Python Papperbok
  The concise Oxford dictionary
  The Mad frontier
  The Pearl
  The Pentagon papers
  The Playboy book of science fiction and fantasy
  The report of the commission on obscenity & pornography
  The Tower commission report
  The Watergate hearings
  The White House transcripts
  Times atlas of the world
ABBOTT, Jeff Trust me
ABRAHAMS, Peter Lights out
ACZEL, Amir D. The mystery of the Aleph, Mathematics, the Kabbalah, and the Search for Infinity
ADAMS, Douglas The more than complete hitchhiker's guide
ADAMS, Douglas & John Lloyd The meaning of Liff
ADAMS, Richard The girl in a swing
  The plague dogs
  Watership Down
ALBEE, Edward Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf
ALDISS, Brian W. and Harry Harrison (ed.) Nebula award stories 2
ALLBEURY, Ted Shadow of shadows
ALLEN, Woody Getting even
  Side effects
  Without feathers
ALTHER, Lisa Kinflicks
  Other women
AMBLER, Eric The mask of Dimitros
  The Schirmer inheritance
AMBROSE, Stephen E. Nixon, The education of a politician
  Nixon, The triumph of a politician
AMIS, Kingsley Lucky Jim
  My enemy's enemy
  New maps of hell
  Take a girl like you
  The anti-death league
AMIS, Kingsley and Robert Conquest Spectrum 3
  The Egyptologists
AMIS, Martin Other people
ANDERSON, Poul Strangers from earth
  Virgin planet
ANGLUND, Joan Walsh Cowboy and his friend
ANONYMOUS Imperial hubris, Why the West is losing the war on terror
ARMSTRONG, Karen A history of God
  The battle for God
  The great transformation
ASIMOV, Isaac A whiff of death
  Authorised murder
  Buy Jupiter
  Earth is room enough
  Forward the Foundation
  Foundation and Earth
  Foundation and Empire
  Foundation's edge
  I, robot
  More tales of the black widowers
  Nightfall and other stories
  Nine tomorrows
  Opus 100
  Pebble in the sky
  Prelude to Foundation
  Robots and empire
  Second Foundation
  Tales of the black widowers
  The bicentennial man
  The caves of steel
  The currents of space
  The end of eternity
  The gods themselves
  The Martian way
  The naked sun
  The rest of the robots
  The robots of Dawn
  The stars like dust
  The Union Club mysteries
ASIMOV, Isaac (ed.) Before the golden age 2
  Before the golden age 3
ASIMOV, Isaac and Groff Conklin (ed.) Fifty short science fiction tales
ASIMOV, Isaac and Robert Silverberg Nightfall
  The positronic man
ATWOOD, Margaret Bodily harm
  Cat's eye
  Lady Oracle
  The robber bride
AULETTA, Ken The underclass
AUSTER, Paul The invention of solitude
BAER, Robert Sleeping with the enemy, How Washinghton sold our soul for Saudi crude
BAGLEY, Desmond Running blind
  The spoilers
BAIGENT, Michael, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln The holy blood and the holy grail
BAINBRIDGE, Beryl Another part of the wood
BALDACCI, David Absolute power
  Deliver Us from Evil
  Divine justice
  hour game
  Last Man standing
  Saving Faith
  Split second
  The simple truth
  Total control
  True Blue
BALDWIN, James Another country
  Giovanni's room
  Go tell it on the mountain
  Going to meet the man
  If Beale street could talk
  Just above my head
  Tell me how long the train's been gone
BALLARD, Brenda D., Dreamwaver 4
BALLARD, J.G. The four-dimensional nightmare
BAMFORD, James Body of secrets
BANKS, Iain Espedair street
  The bridge
  The Business
  The wasp factory
  Walking on glass
BARKER, Cicely Mary Groundsel and necklaces
BARKER, Pat Union Street
BARTH, John Giles goat-boy
  The sot-weed factor
BAUM, L. Frank The Wizard of Oz
BEAR, Greg Darwin's children
BEDFORD, Martyn Black Cat
BEINHART, Larry American Hero
BELL, Quentin Virginia Woolf, a biography
BELLOW, Saul Herzog
  The adventures of Augie March
BERG, Dave Dave Berg looks at people
BERK, Howard The sun grows cold
BERNSTEIN, Richard Dictatorship of virtue
BINCHY, Maeve Circle of friends
  Firefly summer
  Light a penny candle
  Silver wedding
  The glass lake
  The lilac bus
BLACKWOOD, Algernon The insanity of Jones and other tales
BLATTY, William Peter The exorcist
BOARDMAN, Tom (ed.) Connoisseur's SF
BODANIS, David E=mc², A biography of the world's most famous equation
BOORSTIN, Daniel J. The image
BOVA, Ben (ed.) Science fiction hall of fame (novellas)
BOYD, William The blue afternoon
BRADBURY, Ray A medicine for melancholy
  Fahrenheit 451
  I sing the body electric
  R is for rocket
  The day it rained forever
BRADFORD, Barbara Taylor Voice of the heart
BRINK, André A chain of voices
  The ambassador
BRISKIN, Jaqueline Too much too soon
BROGAN, Hugh The Pelican History of the United States
BROOKNER, Anita A friend from England
  A misalliance
  Family and friends
  Lewis Percy
  Look at me
BROWN, Dee Bury my heart at Wounded Knee
BROWN, Fredric Daymares
BROWN, Rita Mae Bingo
  High hearts
  Ruby fruit jungle
  Six of one
  Southern discomfort
  Sudden death
BRYSON, Bill Made in America
BUCK, Pearl S. Voices in the house
BUDRYS, Algis The furious future
BUKOWSKI, Charles Women
CAIL, Carol Private lies
CAMPBELL, John W. (ed.) Analog 3
  The first Astounding science fiction anthology
  The second Astounding science fiction anthology
CANNING, Victor The Kingsford mark
  The Rainbird pattern
CAPA, Robert Images of war
CAPOTE, Truman In cold blood
  Other voices, other rooms
CARO, Robert A. The years of Lyndon Johnson, Master of the senate
  The years of Lyndon Johnson; Means of ascent
  The years of Lyndon Johnson; The path to power
CARRÉ, John le A perfect spy
  Our game
  Smiley's people
  The little drummer girl
  The night manager
  The Russia House
  The secret pilgrim
  The spy who came in from the cold
  Tinker tailor soldier spy
CARROLL, Lewis Alice's adventures under ground
  The annotated Alice
  The annotated Snark
CARTER, Lin Tolkien: a look behind The lord of the rings
CASE, John The genesis Code
CHANDLER, Raymond Farewell, my lovely
CHANG, Jung Wild Swans
CHAPLIN, Charles My autobiography
CHARTERIS, Leslie She was a lady
CHATWIN, Bruce The song lines
CHAUCER, Geoffrey The Canterbury tales
  The Canterbury tales
CHESTERTON, G.K. Father Brown, selected stories
CHOMSKY, Noam 9/11
  American power and the new mandarins
  At war with Asia
  Deterring democracy
  For reasons of state
  Hegemony or survival, America's quest for global dominance
  Hopes and Prospects
  Middle East Illusions
  Problems of knowledge and freedom
  The prosperous few and the restless many
  Towards a new cold war
  Understanding power
  What Uncle Sam really wants
CHOMSKY, Noam (interviewed by David Barsamian) Secrets, lies and democracy
CHOMSKY, Noam and Edward S. Herman After the cataclysm
  The Washington connection and third world fascism
CHRIGHTON, Michael Jurassic park
CHRISTIE, Agatha Curtain: Poirot's last case
  The ABC murders
  The murder of Roger Ackroyd
CHRISTIE, Agatha The mysterious affair at Styles
CHURCHILL, Randolph S. and Winston S. The six day war
CLANCY, Tom The cardinal of the Kremlin
  The hunt for Red October
CLARK, Mary Higgins All around the town
CLARKE, Arthur C. 2001 A space odyssey
  Expedition to earth
  Imperial earth
  Reach for tomorrow
  Rendezvous with Rama
  The nine billion names of God
  The songs of distant earth
CLARKE, Arthur C. and Gentrey Lee Rama II
  The garden of Rama
CLAVELL, James Noble house
COBEN, Harlan No second chance
COELLO, Dennis Bicycle touring, Arizona
  Bicycle touring, Colorado
COHEN, Matt The Spanish doctor
COLLIER, Peter and David Horowitz The Kennedy's, an American drama
COLLINS, Larry and Dominique Lapierre The fifth horseman
COLODNY, Len and Robert Gettlin Silent coup
COMFORT, Alex The anxiety makers
CONKLIN, Groff (ed.) 17 x infinity
  Elsewhere and elsewhen
  Science fiction oddities
  Science fiction terror tales
CONKLIN, Groff and Noah D. Fabricant (ed.) Great science fiction about doctors
CONNELLY, Michael Angels Flight
  Blood work
CONNOLLY, John Bad men
  Dark hollow
  Every dead thing
  The killing kind
CONRAN, Shirley Lace
COOK, Robin Coma
COOPER, Susan Mandrake
CORNWELL, Patricia All that remains
  Book of the Dead
  The body farm
  Unnatural exposure
COTTERELL, Maurice The Tutankhamun Prophecies
COUGHLIN, William J. Shadow of a doubt
COULTER, Stephen The Soyuz affair
COURTENAY, Bryce Tandia
CREWS, Frederick C. The Pooh perplex
CUEY-NAE-GAEL An Irishman's difficulties with the Dutch language
CURRY-LINDAHL, Kai Sarek, Stora Sjöfallet, Padjelanta
DAHL, Roald Kiss kiss
  My uncle Oswald
  Someone like you
  Switch bitch
DANIELEWSKI, Mark Z. House of Leaves
DAVIES, Hunter A walk around the lakes
DAVIES, Robertson The Deptford trilogy
  The lyre of Orpheus
  The rebel angels
  What's bred in the bone
DAWSON, Janet Till the old men die
DEIGHTON, Len An expensive place to die
  Berlin game
  Declarations of war
  Funeral in Berlin
  Horse under water
  London match
  Mexico set
  Only when I larf
  Spy hook
  Spy story
  The Ipcress file
  The million dollar brain
  Yesterday's spy
DERLETH, August (ed.) Beachheads in space
  Sleep no more
DIAMOND,Jed Guns, germs and steel, A short history of everybody for the last 13.000 years
DIBDIN, Michael Dead Lagoon
DICKENS, Charles and W.M. Thackeray The loving ballad of Lord Bateman
DICKINSON, Peter The green gene
DIDION, Joan A book of common prayer
DISCH, Thomas M. The Genocides
DISKI, Jenny Then Again
DOCTOROW, E.L. Billy Bathgate
  Loon Lake
  The book of Daniel
DONALDSON, Stephen A man rides through
  Lord Foul's bane
  The Illearth war
  The mirror of her dreams
  The one tree
  The power that preserves
  The Runes of the earth
  The wounded land
  White gold wielder
DONLEAVY, J.P. The ginger man
DOYLE, Sir Arthur Conan The exploits of brigadier Gerard
  A study in scarlet
  Danger! and other stories
DRABBLE, Margaret The gates of ivory
  The middle ground
  The radiant way
  The realms of gold
DREW, Elizabeth The corruption of American politics
DRIESUM, Rob van and Nikki Hall Amsterdam
DROSNIN, Michael The Bible code
DRURY, Allen Advise and consent
DUNSANY, Lord At the edge of the world
  The king of Elfland's daughter
DWORKIN, Andrea Intercourse
ECKERT, Allan W. A sorrow in our heart, The life of Tecumseh
EDDISON, E.R. A fish dinner in Memison
  Mistress of mistresses
  The Mezentian gate
  The worm Ouroboros
EDEN, Dorothy The voice of the dolls
EGGERS, Dave A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
ELLIN, Stanley Quiet horror
  The man from nowhere
ELLIS, Bret Easton American Psycho
ENGLANDER, Nathan For the relief of unbearable urges
EVANOVICH, Janet One for the money
FALLOWS, James National defense
FAULKNER, William Light in August
FERNEA, Elisabeth Warnock Guests of the Sheik
FIELDING, Henry Tom Jones
FIGES, Orlando A people's tragedy, The Russian revolution 1891 - 1924
FINDER, Joseph Paranoia
FISK, Robert The great war for civilisation, The conquest of the Middle East
FLANAGAN, Richard Gould's Book of Fish
FOLEY, Mick Tietam Brown
FOLLETT, Ken A dangerous fortune
  Code to zero
  Eye of the Needle
  The hammer of Eden
  The pillars of the earth
  The third twin
FOLSOM, Allan The exile
FOREST, Jean-Claude Barbarella
FORSTER, E.M. A passage to India
FORSYTH, Frederick The fist of God
  The fourth protocol
  The negotiator
FOWLER, Bo The astrological diary of God
FOWLES, John Daniel Martin
  The Aristos
  The Magus
FOX, Peter Mantis
FOX, Robin Lane The unauthorized version, Truth and fiction in the Bible
FRANCIS, Dick Knock down
FRAZIER, Charles Cold Mountain
FRENCH, Marilyn Our father
  The bleeding heart
  The women's room
FRENCH, Nicci Beneath the skin
  Blue Monday
  Killing me softly
  Land of the living
  Losing you
  Secret smile
  The memory game
  The red room
  The safe house
  Until it's ovFRENCHer
  What to do when some dies
FRENCH, Tana In the woods
FUKUYAMA, Francis The end of history and the last man
FYFIELD, Frances A clear conscience
  Trial by fire
GAITSKILL, Mary Two girls, fat and thin
GAUSDEN, Christa and Nicholas Crane The CTC route guide to cycling in Great Britain
GEAR, W. MICHAEL and Kathleen O'Neal Gear Raising Abel
GEORGE, Elizabeth A great deliverance
  A place of hiding
  A traitor to memory
  Deception on his mind
  For the sake of Elena
  In pursuit of the proper sinner
  In the presence of the enemy
  Payment in blood
  Playing for the ashes
  Well-schooled in murder
GODDARD, Robert Beyond recall
  Borrowed time
  Closed Circle
  Into the blue
  Past caring
GOLD, H.L. (ed.) The weird ones
GOLDHAGEN, Daniel Jonah Hitler's willing executioners, Ordinary Germans and the holocaust
GOLDING, William Lord of the flies
  Rites of passage
  The pyramid
GOLDMAN, William No way to treat a lady
GORDIMER, Nadine A sport of nature
  A world of strangers
  Burger's daughter
GORDON, Mary Final payments
  The other side
  The rest of life
GOREY, Edward Dancing cats and Neglected murderesses
GOWDY, Barbara Falling angels
GRAHAME, Kenneth The wind in the willows
GRANT, Allen The American political process
GREENE, Graham 21 stories
  Doctor Fischer of Geneva or The bomb party
  The comedians
  The end of the affair
  The human factor
  The ministry of fear
GREENEWAY, Kate Alphabet
GRISHAM, John A time to kill
  The brethren
  The chamber
  The client
  The firm
  The king of torts
  The partner
  The pelican brief
  The rainmaker
  The runaway jury
  The Testament
GUILFOILE, Kevin Wicker
GUIN, Ursula K. Le Earthsea trilogy
GUNTHER, John Inside Europe today
  Inside Russia today
HAAN, Vici de Bike rides of the Colorado Front Range
HACKETT, General Sir John, & others The third world war
HADDON, Mark The curious incident of the dog in the night-time
HAGGARD, H. Rider She
HALBERSTAM, David The best and the brightest
  The fifties
  The next century
  The powers that be
  The reckoning
HAMILTON, Peter F. Judas unchained
  The naked god
  The neutronium alchemist
  The reality dysfunction
HAMMOND, Reginald J.W. (ed.) Complete Scotland
HARRIS, Thomas Hannibal
  The silence of the lambs
HARRISON, Harry (ed.) SF: Authors choice
HART, Johnny BC Big wheel
  BC Cave in
  BC Life is a seventy-five cent paperback
  BC Right on
  BC Truckin on down
HART, Johnny and Brant Parker Frammin at the Jim-Jam frippin in the Krotz
  Long live the king
  The peasants are revolting
  The wondrous wizard of Id
  There's a fly in my swill
  We've got to stop meeting like this!
HARTLEY, Norman The Viking process
HARVARD LAMPOON Bored of the rings
HARVEY, John Far Cry
  Lonely Hearts
HARVEY, W.F. The beast with five fingers
HAWKING, Stephen W. A brief history of time
HAWKSLEY, Humphrey Ceremony of innocence
HAWTHORNE, Nathaniel The scarlet letter
HECKSTALL-SMITH, Anthony The consort
HEFFERMAN, William The Dinosaur Club
HEINLEIN, Robert A. I will fear no evil
  Stranger in a strange land
HELLER, Joseph Catch 22
  Closing Time
  God knows
  Good as gold
  Picture this
  Something happened
HEMINGWAY, Ernest Fiesta
  For whom the bell tolls
  The old man and the sea
HERBERT, Frank Dune
  The Dosadi experiment
  The eyes of Heisenberg
  The Santaroga barrier
  The white plague
HERBERT, Frank and Bill Ransom The Jesus incident
  The Lazarus effect
HERMAN, Edward S. and Noam Chomsky Manufacturing Consent, The political economy of the mass media
HERR, Michael Dispatches
HERSH, Seymour M. Chain of command
  The dark side of Camelot
  The price of power
HIGHSMITH, Patricia A dog's ransom
  A game for the living
  Deep water
  Ripley under ground
  Strangers on a train
  The blunderer
  This sweet sickness
HILL, Ruth Beebe Hanta Yo
HILL, Susan Air & angels
HITCHENS, Christopher No one left to lie to, The values of the worst family
HITE, Shere The Hite report
HOBBS, Jenny The Sweet-Smelling Jasmine
HØEG, Peter Miss Smilla's feeling for snow
HOFFMAN, Jilliane Retribution
HOFSTADTER, Douglas R. Metamagical themas
HOLROYD, Michael Lytton Strachey, Volume I, The unknown years
HOLT, Victoria The house of a thousand lanterns
HOYLE, Fred Ossian's ride
  The black cloud
HUDSON, Derek (ed.) Modern English short stories Second series
HUGHES, Robert Culture of complaint, The fraying of America
  The fatal shore
HULME, Keri The bone people
HUNTER, Evan Criminal conversation
HUXLEY, Aldous Brave new world
  Collected short stories
  Those barren leaves
ICKE, David The biggest secret
ILES, Greg The footprints of God
INGLIS, Janet Daddy's girl
INNES, Hammond The wreck of the Mary Deare
INTERMEYER, Louis The Pan book of limericks
IRVING, John A prayer for Owen Meany
  A widow for one year
  The world according to Garp
ISHERWOOD, Christopher A single man
JAMES, Donald The Fortuneteller
JAMES, Peter The truth
JANIN, Hunt Culture Shock! The Netherlands
JEROME, Jerome K. Three man in a boat and Three man on the Bummel
JOHNSON, Haynes and David S. Broder The System, The American way of politics at the breaking point
JOHNSTON, David Cay Perfectly legal, The covert campaign to rig our tax system  to benefit the super rich - and cheat everybody else
JONES, Craig Blood secrets
JONES, James From here to eternity
JONES, Phyllis M. (ed.) Modern English short stories First Series
JONES, Robert E. Blood sport
JONG, Erica Fear of flying
JOYCE, James Ulysses
KAHN, Herman Thinking about the unthinkable
KAHN, Herman and Anthony Wiener The year 2000, A framework for speculation
KANON, Joseph Los Alamos
KATZENBACH, John Day of reckoning
  The analyst
KA-TZETNIK 135633 House of the dolls
KELLERMAN, Jonathan Bad love
  Devil's waltz
  Private eyes
  Silent partner
KENNEDY, Paul The rise and fall of the great powers
KEROUAC, Jack Big Sur
KERSH, Gerald Nightshade & damnations
KIDDER, Tracy The soul of a new machine
KING, Laurie A grave talent
KING, Stephen Bag of bones
  Duma Key
  Gerald's game
  Rose Madder
  The green mile
  The stand
  The stand (the complete and uncut edition)
  The Tommyknockers
KING, Stephen and Peter Straub The talisman
KLAVAN, Andrew The uncanny
  True crime
KLEIN, Naomi No Logo
KOCHER, Paul H. Master of Middle-Earth
KOONTZ, Dean By the light of the moon
  Fear nothing
  Seize the night
  Cold fire
  The darkest evening of the year
  The eyes of darkness
KOTZWINKLE, William Doctor Rat
  Elephant bangs train
  Jack in the box
KRAKAUER, Jon Under the banner of heaven
KRONHAUSEN, Drs. Eberhard and Phyllis The 1st international exhibition of erotic art
KUNDERA, Milan The joke
KUTTNER, Henry Mutant
  Return to otherness
LAWRENCE, D.H. Lady Chatterley's lover
LEASOR, James Passport in suspense
LEDERER, William J. A nation of sheep
  Our own worst enemy
LEDERER, William J. and Eugene Burdick The ugly American
LEE, Harper To kill a mockingbird
LEGMAN, G. The Limerick
LEIBER, Fritz A pail of air
LEINSTER, Murray Space gypsies
LENNON, John The Penguin John Lennon
LESSING, Doris A proper marriage
  A ripple from the storm
  Martha Quest
  The diaries of Jane Somers
  The four-gated city
  The good terrorist
  The habit of loving
  The marriages between zones three, four and five
  The story of a non-marrying man
  The summer before the dark
  Under my skin
LEVIN, Ira A kiss before dying
  Rosemary's baby
  Son of Rosemary
  The boys from Brazil
LIEBERMAN, Herbert City of the dead
LINDSEY, David L. Mercy
LIVELY, Penelope Moon tiger
  Next to nature, art
  Perfect happiness
  The road to Lichfield
LORIA, Jeffrey H. What's it all about, Charlie Brown?
LOVECRAFT, H.P. At the mountains of madness
  Collected poems
  Dagon and other macabre tales
  Dreams and fancies
  The case of Charles Dexter Ward
  The Dunwich horror and others
  The haunter of the dark and other tales
  The lurking fear and other stories
  The tomb and other tales
LOVECRAFT, H.P. & divers hands The dark brotherhood and other pieces
LOVECRAFT, H.P. and others The spawn of Cthulhu
LOVECRAFT, H.P., with August Derleth The lurker at the threshold
LUDLUM, Robert The apocalypse watch
  The Aquitaine progression
  The Bourne identity
  The Bourne supremacy
  The Bourne ultimatum
  The Chancelor manuscript
  The Gemini contenders
  The Holcroft covenant
  The Icarus agenda
  The Janson directive
  The Matarese circle
  The Matarese Countdown
  The Parsifal mosaic
  The Rhineman exchange
  The Scorpio illusion
LUDLUM, Robert and Gayle Lynds The Hades Factor
LURIE, Alison Foreign affairs
LUSTBADER, Eric van Black heart
  The Miko
  The Ninja
MacBETH, George and Martin Booth (ed.) The book of cats
MACDONALD, Ross Find a victim
  The blue hammer
  The drowning pool
  The far side of the dollar
  The zebra-striped hearse
  Trouble follows me
MACINNES, Helen I and my true love
  The Venetian affair
MACLEAN, Alistair The black shrike
  Where eagles dare
MACLEAN, Charles The watcher
MADDOCK, Stephen Gentlemen of the night
MAHMOODY, Betty Not without my daughter
MAILER, Norman A fire on the moon
  An American dream
  Harlot's Ghost
  The naked and the dead
MALAMUD, Bernard A new life
  Dubin's lives
  God's grace
  Idiots first
  Pictures of Fidelman
  Rembrandt's hat
  The assistant
  The fixer
  The magic barrel
  The natural
  The People and uncollected stories
  The tenants
MANDIARGUES, Andre Pieyre de The motorcycle
MARCHETTI, Victor and John D. Marks The CIA and the cult of intelligence
MARCUSE, Herbert One  dimensional man
MARGOLIN, Phillip M. Gone, but not forgotten
MARKHAM, Robert Colonel Sun
MARKSTEIN, George The cooler
MARQUEZ, Gabriel Garcia One hundred years of solitude
MARRS, Jim Alien agenda, Investigating the extraterrestrial presence among us
MARSH, Ngaio Enter a murderer
MARTIN, Don Don Martin Bounces back
  Don Martin Drops 13 stories
  The completely MAD Don Martin
  The mad adventures of Captain Klutz
MARX, Karl Selected writings in sociology and social philosophy
MATTHIESSEN, Peter In the spirit of Crazy Horse
MAUGHAM, W. Somerset Collected short stories 1
  Collected short stories 2
  Collected short stories 3
  Collected short stories 4
MAYALL, W.H. The challenge of the chip
MAYER, Jane The dark side
McBAIN, Laurie Tears of gold
McCAFFREY, Anne Dragonflight
  The white dragon
McCARTHY, Cormac All the pretty horses
McCARTHY, Mary Cannibals and missionaries
  The group
McCLURE, James Snake
  The blood of an Englishman
  The caterpillar cop
  The steam pig
  The sunday hangman
McEWAN, Ian Amsterdam
  Black dogs
  Enduring love
  First love, last rites
  In between the sheets
  On Chesil Beach
  The cement garden
  The child in time
  The comfort of strangers
  The daydreamer
  The innocent
McFADDEN, Cyra The serial
McINERNEY, Jay Bright lights, big city
  Brightness Falls
McMURTRY, Larry Lonesome Dove
  Terms of endearment
McNAMARA, Robert S. In retrospect
MERLE, Robert The day of the dolphin
MERRIL, Judith Out of bounds
MERRIL, Judith (ed.) SF The best of the best
  The best of Sci-Fi 2
  The best of Sci-Fi 4
  The year's best S-F, 11th annual edition
MIKES, George How to be an alien
  How to be inimitable
  How to scrape skies
  How to tango
MILLER JR, Walter M. A canticle for Leibowitz
MILLER, Henry Tropic of Cancer
  Tropic of Capricorn
MILLER, Sue Family pictures
  For love
MILLS, Robert P. (ed.) A decade of Fantasy and Science Fiction
  The worlds of science fiction
MILNE, A.A. Pooh's pot o' honey
  The house at Pooh corner
  The hums of Pooh
MITCHELL, Margaret Gone with the wind
MONTGOMERY, James W. That summer on blue mountain
MOORCOCK, Michael (ed.) New worlds 4
MOORE, Brian Lies of silence
MOORE, C.L. Doomsday morning
MOORE, Christopher Practical demonkeeping
MORLEY, Christopher The haunted bookshop
MORLEY, John David Pictures from the water trade
MORRIS, Desmond The naked ape
MORRISON, Toni Beloved
  Tar baby
  The bluest eye
MOSKOWITZ, Sam Explorers of the infinite
  Seekers of tomorrow
MULLER, Marcia A wild and lonely place
  Pennies on a dead woman's eyes
MURDOCH, Iris The sea, the sea
  The Unicorn
MURPHY, Dervla Wheels within wheels
NABOKOV, Vladimir Invitation to a beheading
  Pale fire
NADER, Ralph and Wesley J. Smith No contest, Corporate lawyers and the perversion of justice in America
NAIPAUL, V.S. A bend in the river
  In a free state
NASH, Ogden The face is familiar
NEWMAN, Andrea A bouquet of barbed wire
  Another bouquet
  Three into two won't go
NIVEN, Larry A gift from earth
  A hole in space
  A world out of time
  Inconstant moon
  Neutron star
  Tales of known space
  The flight of the horse
  The shape of space
  World of Ptavvs
NIVEN, Larry and Jerry Pournelle Footfall
  Lucifer's Hammer
  The gripping hand
  The mote in god's eye
NOBLE, Frank The Shell book of Offa's dyke path
NORDHOFF, Charles and James Norman Hall Men against the sea
  Mutiny on the Bounty
  Pitcairn's island
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  The high cost of living
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  The Rosamunde Pilcher Collection
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  Atlas shrugged
  Capitalism: the unknown ideal
  The fountainhead
  The romantic manifesto
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  We the living
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  Hot flashes
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  The dice man
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ROBBINS, Harold The adventurers
  The carpetbaggers
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  His little women
  Looking for mr Goodbar
  To the precipice
ROTH, Philip Sabbath's theater
  The great American novel
  The professor of desire
ROTHBERG, Abraham The heirs of Cain
RUARK, Robert Uhuru
RUONG, Israel The Lapps in Sweden
RUSHDIE, Salman Midnight's children
SACKS, Oliver The man who mistook his wife for a hat
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SADE, Marquis de Justine
SAINT, H.F. Memoirs of an invisible man
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  For Esme with love & squalor
  Franny and Zooey
  Raise high the roof beam, carpenters & Seymour, an introduction
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  The case of Lucy Bending
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  The first deadly sin
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  The second deadly sin
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  The third deadly sin
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SAPPER Knock-out
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  Charlie Brown and Snoopy
  Good grief, Charlie Brown
  Good ol' Charlie Brown
  Good ol' Snoopy
  Here's to you, Charlie Brown
  It's for you, Snoopy
  Let's face it, Charlie Brown
  Peanuts for everybody
  Peanuts treasury
  Snoopy and the Red Baron
  Take it easy, Charlie Brown
  The Snoopy festival
  The unsinkable Charlie Brown
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  You're my hero, Charlie Brown
  You're something else, Charlie Brown
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  Gulliver's travels
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  The fellowship of the ring
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  Player piano
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  Leader of the band
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