Schrijver/redacteur Titel
 The 9/11 commission report
The Pentagon papers
The report of the commission on obscenity & pornography
The Tower commission report
The Watergate hearings
The White House transcripts
AMBROSE, Stephen E.Nixon, The education of a politician
 Nixon, The triumph of a politician
ANONYMOUSImperial hubris, Why the West is losing the war on terror
AULETTA, KenThe underclass
BAER, RobertSleeping with the enemy, How Washinghton sold our soul for Saudi crude
BAMFORD, JamesBody of secrets
BOORSTIN, Daniel J.The image
BROGAN, HughThe Pelican History of the United States
BROWN, DeeBury my heart at Wounded Knee
CARO, Robert A.The years of Lyndon Johnson, Master of the senate
 The years of Lyndon Johnson, Means of ascent
 The years of Lyndon Johnson, The path to power
CHOMSKY, Noam9-11
 American power and the new mandarins
 At war with Asia
 Deterring democracy
 For reasons of state
 Hegemony or survival, America's quest for global dominance
 Hope and Prospects
 The prosperous few and the restless many
 Towards a new cold war
 Understanding power
 What Uncle Sam really wants
CHOMSKY, Noam (interviewed by David Barsamian)Secrets, lies and democracy
CHOMSKY, Noam and Edward S. HermanAfter the cataclysm
 The Washington connection and third world fascism
COLLIER, Peter and David HorowitzThe Kennedy's, an American drama
COLODNY, Len and Robert GettlinSilent coup
DREW, ElizabethThe corruption of American politics
FALLOWS, JamesNational defense
GRANT, AllenThe American political process
HALBERSTAM, DavidThe best and the brightest
 The powers that be
 The reckoning
HERMAN, Edward S. and Noam ChomskyManufacturing Consent, The political economy of the mass media
HERSH, Seymour M.Chain of command
 The dark side of Camelot
 The price of power
HITCHENS, ChristopherNo one left to lie to, The values of the worst family
HUGHES, RobertCulture of complaint, The fraying of America
JOHNSON, Haynes and David S. BroderThe System, The American way of politics at the breaking point
JOHNSTON, David CayPerfectly legal, The covert campaign to rig our tax system  to benefit the super rich - and cheat everybody else
KRAKAUER, JonUnder the banner of heaven
LEDERER, William J.A nation of sheep
 Our own worst enemy
MARCHETTI, Victor and John D. MarksThe CIA and the cult of intelligence
MATTHIESSEN, PeterIn the spirit of Crazy Horse
MAYER, JaneThe dark side
McNAMARA, Robert S.In retrospect
NADER, Ralph and Wesley J. SmithNo contest, Corporate lawyers and the perversion of justice in America
PALAST, GregThe best democracy money can buy
PITT, William RiversThe greatest sedition is silence, Four years in America
PIZZO, Stephen, Mary Fricker and Paul MuoloIn$ide Job
SCHRECKER, EllenMany are the crimes, McCarthyism in America
SCHWARZ, John E.Illusions of opportunity
SHAWCROSS, WilliamSide show
SHEEHAN, NeilA bright shining lie
SHESOL, JeffMutual contempt
SICK, GaryOctober surprise
SMITH, HedrickThe power game
SNOW, NancyInformation war, American propaganda, free speech and opinion control since 9-11
STEWART, James B.Blood sport
 Den of thieves
STOCKMAN, David A.The triumph of politics
SUSKIND, RonThe One Percent Doctrine, Deep inside America's pursuit of its enemies since 9/11
THEOHARIS, Athan G. and John Stuart CoxThe boss; J. Edgar Hoover & the great American inquisition
TUCHMAN, Barbara W.The first salute
WOODWARD, BobVeil: The secret wars of the CIA 1981-1987
 The War Within, A secret White House history 2006-2008
WOODWARD, Bob and Carl BernsteinAll the president's men
ZEPEZAUER, Mark & Arthur NaimanTake the rich off welfare
ZINN, HowardA people's history of the United States